Bigger the Gang. Bigger the Perks

27 Aug, 2018

Like to dine with your friends / family group? If yes here is a chance to avail an incredeable offer at your favourite restaurant in Pune.

Offer Valid till 30th Sept

Cities: Pune Outlets only.


Dine with 5 people & get Rs. 500/- off
Dine with 10 people & get Rs. 1000/- off
Dine with 15 people & get Rs. 1500/- off
Dine with 20 people & get Rs. 2000/- off
Dine with 30 people & get Rs. 3000/- off
Dine with 40 people & get Rs. 4000/- off
Dine with 50 people & get Rs. 5000/- off
PS: Please show the SMS at the outlet to avail the offer. Do check with the outlet for more info, terms & conditions.

To Book your table here

or Call 18001086060