Chilling Days & Nights! Craving for Spicy stuff? Worry not, Barbeque Nation presents ‘Lets Chilli’ Fest. This Fest brings to your table an amazing spread of mouth-watering dishes, graced with a variety of special chillies, for a fiery culinary adventure. The buffet is curated to perfection by our special chefs. Dishes
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There is no better way to welcome to monsoon with luscious grill and your favourite beverage to go along with it.. Why brave the rain, when you can feast unlimited at Barbeque Nation. Isn’t this reason enough ? We have a wide range of beverage packages that one can pick
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Publication: NIE Edition: Mumbai Page: 19 Date: March 14,2019
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Publication: Gujarat Business Edition: Ahmedabad Date: March 12, 2019 Page: 3
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Publication: F&B News Edition: Mumbai Date: March 09, 2019
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