25 Jul, 2016

Barbeque Nation presents the ultimate street food extravaganza: The Dilliwali Khau Galli

Wondering what a Khau Galli is? Well, it literally means “food street”, but it should ideally translate to “gastronomic delight”.

All the way till August 7th, food lovers can celebrate the incomparable flavors of Delhi at their nearest Barbeque Nation. The familiar restaurant ambience will be transformed into the narrow, lively lanes of Old Delhi. An experience complete with gol-gappa wallas, kulfi vendors and bright lights; set against the soundtrack of upbeat Punjabi music for the perfect mood.

With the streets recreated to the smallest detail, visitors can hop from counter to counter tasting all-time favorites like the Dahi Bhalla and Murg Malai Tikka. That’s right, there will be enough to excite both vegetarians and non-vegetarians!

Barbeque Nation’s CEO, Mr. Sameer Bhasin, is ready to share this taste-bud tickling ride, explaining: “Each street and lane of Delhi is imbibed with a history of gastronomic glory, offering the flavors of heritage, tradition and a passion for food that has been shaped over eras, across borders, and in the hearts of the city's people. We at Barbeque Nation strive to offer best of culinary experience to our diners. ‘Dilli Wali Khau Galli’ festival is one such endeavour. We hope that our diners join us on this food odyssey and immensely enjoy themselves”.

Barbeque Nation wants foodies to skip the crowds, skip the heat, and skip the queues to enjoy only the best part of street food. Right from sweet Shahi Tukda to tangy chaat to hot chole kulche, customers can find it all at the most authentic Dilliwali Khau Galli since the original in Delhi!