#WOWMOM: The Queens of wittiness!

17 May, 2018

Barbeque Nation's latest campaign on the occasion of Mother's Day featured moms across the world. Mother's get their way around their children, they know what's best for them and will go lengths and breadths to make it happen. #WOWMOM was about the quirky ways the mothers adapt and the goofy techniques they use to get their way.

We asked people to send the goofiest, wittiest, technique their mother's used on them and the winner of the #wowmom contest was Mohit Dhanuka whose mom:
"she always wants her kids to eat more. I remember once she asked me to drink a glass of milk and I told her it was too much in quantity so she told she will lessen it for me and instead she poured the milk in a bowl so that it appears less". This lucky winner and his mother won vouchers from Barbeque Nation to celebrate their special bond.

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