Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SMILE CLUB?
The SMILE CLUB is Barbeque Nation’s loyalty program.
What is the SMILE CLUB program all about?
The SMILE CLUB program has been conceived to go to the extra distance in guest satisfaction by giving back to them.
What are the conditions associated with the SMILE CLUB Program?
The SMILES will be calculated only on NET PAYABLE AMOUNT i.e if any voucher has been redeemed, then the SMILES will be calculated only on the Net Payable amount post deducting the voucher
Bookings on which Corporate Offers, Coupons or any other Special Offers are applied will not be eligible for SMILES

How does one enrol in to the SMILE CLUB PROGRAM?
You can become a SMILE CLUB member by booking though our app or website. Up to completion of the BBQ dining experience, SMILES will automatically get credited.
What is the process of earning SMILES?
a. Log in to our app/website

b. Book a table / purchase a voucher through our app or website

c. Dine at our outlet

d. Earn SMILES equivalent to 5% of your net payable value (Excluding Taxes & Smiles)

e. SMILES cannot be earned if any Gift Voucher / Coupon is applied during the booking/payment.
What is the value of the SMILES one gets?
Each SMILE you earn is equivalent to ONE RUPEE worth of purchase at BBQN restaurant. SMILES cannot be converted in to INR but can only be redeemed up to 180 days from the credit at BBQN restaurant.
What is the time limit to redeem your SMILES?
SMILES can be redeemed up to 180 days from the date of credit.
How do I track my SMILES?
You can keep a track of the SMILES earned by you by signing in to the Barbeque Nation app or Website.
What is the process of redeeming the SMILES earned?
You can redeem the SMILES by booking any restaurant through the Barbeque Nation app or website
How can I get price details?
Prices differ from restaurant to restaurant & are subject to change. For latest prices please visit our app/ web app or call 1800 108 60 60 (toll free)
Still can’t find what you were looking for?
Our customer support is here to assist you. Contact our support