al_things_beautiful review about Barbeque Nation

23 December 2019
al_things_beautiful review

al_things_beautiful review - Foot tapping music and yummy food is what the @barbequenation 'Year End Carnival' is all about. The Year End Carnival takes diners through a nostalgic reminiscence of Bollywood's erstwhile pop hits, sung by the Indian queen of pop, Usha Uthup, who has whipped out a special number exclusively for for patrons at Barbeque Nation. It's a great place to unwind with friends & family this season.


Barebque Nation 'Let Chilli' brings together unique flavours and hottest chillies from around the world. The festival offers mouth-watering dishes,graced with a variety of special chillies, for a fiery culinary adventure. If you are a foodie who likes an extra tinge of spice in their food, then head to @barbequenation 'Let's Chilli Fest'. 


al_things_beautiful review