Barbeque Nation was founded in 2006 by Sayaji Hotels Ltd, one of our Promoters. We currently own and operate around 200 outlets in 82 cities in India, 4 outlets in UAE, 1 outlet in Malaysia and 1 outlet in Oman. We believe that barbeque cuisine is distinctively attractive as compared with other dining options due to its DIY and cooked-at-the-table nature and the flexibility and fun of mixing and matching a wide variety of meats, vegetables, sauces and condiments to create dishes according to each diner’s individual tastes and preferences. Our Barbeque Nation Restaurants typically offer customers at least five vegetarian and five non-vegetarian largely pre-cooked appetisers they can season and barbeque on a grill embedded in their table, an all-you-can-eat main course buffet and a selection of desserts.

ISIN: INE382M01027